Call for paper & scientific committee

Call for paper

Contributions in various domains of applied and theoretical economics are welcome, as well as quantitative social psychology and political sciences. Possible topics include the following ideas related to shocks and events (but are not restricted to them, and more general research on wellbeing, behaviors, markets and policies are welcome):


    • Health and mental well-being consequences of events such as pandemic, conflits, natural disaster (or of policies, e.g. lockdowns), suitable policy responses and the role of health systems

    • How events, shocks or policies change behavior, trust or values – and consequences for the sustainability of welfare systems and the social pact

    • Social media, the diffusion and manipulation of information, and life with populism

    • New forms of poverty, adaptation and the limits of resilience

    • Perception of changing inequalities (of income, health, exposure to environmental shocks, etc.) and the relation with well-being, political orientation, social unrest and radicalization

    • The ability of tax-benefit systems to reduce inequality (across people or generations), quickly respond to shocks (e.g. during lockdown), adapt to new inequalities (such as those engendered by climate change or forced migration)

    • Perception of global warming, green policies and behavioral changes vs. inertia

    • New gender inequalities, culture, failing democracy and women’s rights jeopardy

    • Labor as a social activity vs nonmarket time uses and alternative professional fulfilment in times of Great Resignation

    • Negative emotions and the tradeoff between security, freedom & democratic support

    • Normative work on policy/political transformations aimed at promoting peace, democracy and stability


Submission guideline: A full paper or an abstract must be sent before February 28, 2023 to (the name of the pdf file should begin with the corresponding author’s last name). We also encourage submission of complete sessions (3 or 4 papers): all papers or abstracts of the session must be sent in one email and with indication of the name of the corresponding chairperson.

Download the call for paper – WAP2023.



Scientific Committee


 Alpaslan Akay (Gothenburg Univ.), Olivier Bargain (Bordeaux School of Economics), Tanguy Bernard (Bordeaux School of Economics), Isabelle Chort (UPPA), Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics), Mathieu Couttenier (ENS Lyon), Olivier Donni (Cergy-Pontoise Univ.), Koen Decancq (Antwerp Univ.), Marc Fleurbaey (Paris School of Economics), Elise Huillery (Dauphine Univ.), Xavier H. Jara (London School of Economics), Clément Joubert (World Bank), Florence Jusot (Dauphine Univ.), Patricia Justino (UNU-WIDER), François Maniquet (UCLouvain), Michał Myck (CenEA, Szczecin), Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics), Erik Schokkaert (Leuven Univ.), Claudia Senik (Paris School of Economics), Sandy Tubeuf (UCLouvain), Frederic Vermeulen (Leuven Univ.), Jérôme Wittwer (Bordeaux Univ.), Roberta Ziparo (Aix-Marseille Univ.).