Women’s work and changing norms

WAP experts on the topic of women on the labor market in the context of changing social norms in Eastern Europe.

WAP experts on the macroeconomic impact of reducing gender differences in labor market participation in Morocco (in French)


Vulnerable groups on scenarios of re-lockdown

WAP experts from the French health economic association contribute to the debate on exit strategies from confinement and desirable orientations for the future.

Health and industrial policies

Round table by the French health economic association on the debate regarding health products and the difficult articulation between industrial policies and health policies (in French).

Labor market, poverty & inequality

Difficulty to sustain lockdown in poor countries

WAP expert speaks at United Nation research institute (UNU-WIDER) in a webinar on poverty and work mobility in developing countries, showing how people in poor regions have difficulty complying with shelter-in-place policies.


Household Exposure to Financial Risks during COVID-19

WAP experts speak about household exposure to financial risks caused by the first wave of economic impact of COVID-19 in Poland.