Research highlight

WAP experts are engaged in numerous research projects. Below are highlights of WAP members’ current research.


Wave energy in Ireland

WAP experts analyze the impact of wave energy deployment in Ireland on regional development, employment and inequality.


Gender gaps in old age

WAP experts analyze the gender gap in pension throughout Latin American countries.

Gender gaps in Africa

WAP expert provides a critical review of the extant literature on gender gaps in employment and wages in sub-Saharan Africa.


Trust and compliance to health measures

Using innovative data on human mobility and political trust at regional level in Europe, WAP researchers show that mobility during lockdown significantly depends on trust in governments and quantify the impact of (the lack of) trust on the diffusion of COVID-19 (forthcoming in the Journal of Public Economics).

Labor market, poverty & inequality

Do fiscal systems encourage informal work in Latin America?

WAP experts collaborate with the Inter-American Development Bank to assess how tax and benefit systems in Latin American countries have an impact on the extent of informal employment.

Distributional impact of the COVID-19 crisis

COVID‐19 has had a dramatic impact on market incomes and income‐support policies. “nowcasting” methods are used to assess the distributional implications of the crisis in Ireland.


Terror, well-being and political choices

Recent research by WAP experts shows that terror events anywhere in the world affect the subjective well-being of Western citizens and tend to increase their intention to vote for conservative parties.

Comparison of well-being in European : a new approach

The well-being of our societies is too often measure by income or GDP per capita. Happiness or life satisfaction measures have been used more recently but covered only part of what is relevant in life. This research by WAP experts suggests a richer measure of well-being to compare European countries, leading to a remarkably different perspective from usual clichés.