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Welfare and Policies in Latin America: advances and challenges ahead

Costa Rica University San Jose, San Jose

International workshop celebrating the launch of the network on Welfare & Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean (WAP-LAC), which has taken place at the University of Costa Rica in San José on 9–10 May 2024. This two-day conference aims to take stock of recent...

1st Welfare & Policy Conference: “Individual and collective responses to a troubled world”

Bordeaux School of Economics 16 avenue Léon Duguit Bât. H, Pessac

For the launch of the new society for research on Welfare and Policy (WAP), we organize a two-day event at the Bordeaux School of Economics. This is a general conference including specific contributions to take stock of recent evidence on individual and collective behavior in the light of repeated shocks (pandemics, conflicts, natural disasters,…).

Workshop of April 2022 on International Migrations

Former WAP events were known as Bordeaux Applied Economic Workshop (BApEcoW). This 4th edition featured Hillel Rapoport and Simone Bertoli as keynote speaker. More information on: BSE website.